Association Management

Not every nonprofit or not-for-profit organization has the depth of volunteers or the budget for a comprehensive full time staff. Creative outsourcing and embracing new technologies is critical to getting the most out of limited resources.

Webmaster/Website Development

In today's environment, your website is probably the first thing that most people see about your organization. You have to make a good impression. Your message has to come across loud and strong. You need technical expertise. You have a budget. We understand. We work with your staff and volunteers at whatever level of involvement makes the most sense for your organization, from fully managing your website to being a backup resource when your internal resources are scarce or over extended.

Membership Support

Membership support functions include maintaining records for current, former and prospective members; membership fulfillment activities such as receiving and acknowledgement of dues; periodic communications (newsletters, etc.); renewal notices and any other tasks necessary to support the association's members.

Front Office Support

We provide a consistent point of contact for an association for phone, mail and email correspondence. Routine inquiries are handled automatically. For other inquiries, we'll act as a clearing house, forwarding requests and correspondence to the appropriate personnel within the association.

Back Office Support

If it needs to get done, we'll find a way to do it. From bookkeeping and accounting to database management to graphic design to storage to website management. We will work with you to determine what procedures and processes will best support your organization as cost effectively as possible.

Database Services

In addition to the day-to-day operations necessary to keep records up-to-date and safe, we also provide custom programming services to create and expand functionality or to support new projects. We have created database applications for membership/subscription support, order entry and fulfillment, conference registration, inventory, statistical needs and more.

Executive Board Support

We can support executive and governing boards as requested. Typical functions include agenda and minutes preparation, organizing and scheduling meetings, and help with special projects as directed by the board.

Newsletter Production

Regular communication with members and constituents is vital for the long-term health of the organization. These days, the format of newsletters can be either electronic or print, and often it is both. We can help with all aspects of newsletter production and distribution, whatever the format.

Conference/Meeting Planning Services

If you put on an annual meeting or conference we can help with the overall planning, with attendee registration, accounting and more. Our graphic design department can help with advertising (flyers, print ads, brochure layout, web pages), badges, signage and attendee give-aways.

Fox Computer Systems

Fox Computer Systems works with you to define who you are and how to express your business online. We are your resource for experienced coaching and assistance in crafting your meaningful online business presence.