Web Design

There are myriad reasons for having a website. The most basic, simply put, is for credibility. In today's information age, your business or cause may not be treated seriously without some sort of internet presence to let prospective customers and constituents know what you do and why they should support you.

While the basic internet presence site might be enough for some, there are so many more possibilities. Websites can be a communications channel, a store, a soapbox, a source of entertainment, --pretty much your imagination is the limit. 

Our goal is to create cost-effective solutions that make your website work for you. We will first work with you to understand what you can expect to achieve and then tailor your site to meet your needs.

Through our product, Nutmeg Web Service, we offer web solutions that include site design, creation, registration and hosting for one low fee. See the NutmegWebService.com site for details.

Fox Computer Systems

Fox Computer Systems works with you to define who you are and how to express your business online. We are your resource for experienced coaching and assistance in crafting your meaningful online business presence.