Google+ vs. Pinterest: Battle of the New Social Networks

2012 will be a game-changing year for social media. And it's not just Facebook that will get all the attention.

Last Monday, Google+ reached 100 million active users while Pinterest was rated the third most-visited social network in the U.S. For marketers, these networks can't be ignored.


Read Hubspot's ebook, Google+ vs. Pinterest: Battle of the New Social Networks, to understand the key differences between each network and how they help you get found, generate leads, and deepen relationships.


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Content Management New Governance Manefesto


So many things need to happen before a CMS is chosen, yet most organizations rush into this technology decision unprepared. The CMS is viewed as a silver bullet solution; organizations buy into this idea in the sales cycle, but are unwilling to invest in the people, processes and strategy necessary to see it succeed. When the project fails, these organizations will typically blame the technology. It’s what we call the “CMS Myth.”

- Jeff Cram, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder, ISITE Design

CMS is elevating within the enterprise, and is starting to gain the stature that other top-tier applications, like ERP, already have. So it’s surprising that many client organizations still need to be reminded, “When you deploy a CMS, you have to bake some business rules into it. The question is whether you decide what the rules are ahead of time, or have your developer make them up.”

- Randy Woods, Co-founder and Executive Vice President, non-linear creations


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