Going Social

Many of you know that I have mixed feelings about the value of social media. For some businesses, I believe it is a must do sort of thing, for others, not so much. All in all, however, you need to know at least a little about the pros and cons to make an educated decision about whether social media should be part of your marketing strategy. Here are just a couple of the pros and cons to get you thinking.

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Small Business of the Year Nominee

For the second year, Fox Computer Systems was recognized by the South Windsor Chamber of Commerce as a Small Business of the Year Nominee. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years and allowed us to help you meet your business needs.

Is your domain name up for renewal?

We all want to make a buck. Nothing wrong in that. However, when we realize that we're no longer dealing with our vendor of choice, then it's time to get angry. It's as if after placing an order at the drive-up window for a Quarter Pounder, we get (and pay for) a Whopper. It's still a burger, but who is profiting from our business?

We've seen this happen with telephones and copier service contracts, and more recently with electricity providers. But it also is common with domain name registrations. Technically, it's called Domain Slamming, and it usually starts with a spam mail.

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Why I Hate SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has been the mantra of many a web consultant and website owner in search of maximizing their impact on the internet. In short, it attempts to boost organic traffic (the kind of traffic that you don't have to pay $$$ for) to your website. Since most folks find your website via a search engine, the focus usually is to 'trick' search engines into placing the link to your website higher than everyone else's.

Over the years, myriad schemes have been developed to achieve good SEO. And for every scheme that tries to exploit how a search engine works, the search engine providers come up with ways to nullify that exploit. It's like closing loop holes in the tax code except that Google is much better at it than Congress.

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Fox Computer Systems

Fox Computer Systems works with you to define who you are and how to express your business online. We are your resource for experienced coaching and assistance in crafting your meaningful online business presence.